Tourist sport item. Gameplay: ask the price of one, then ask to buy 10 for the same price. Bonus points if you can pull it off without using verbs.

Forget the ethical grey area of demanding 25c less for the bum-enhancing underwear you are buying off a 12 year old. Bartering here is of the essence. It comes in many forms: same for less, more for same, more for less and (my personal favourite) same for less plus a pair of ray-bans thrown in ‘look very nice for you!’. Nevertheless, if you are haggle-shy (like darling Ana McRae…bless her socks) feel free to shadow a less inhibited customer. Americans are a good pick – unless they are wearing shirts that say ‘Do I look like your therapist?’. The trick is to not ever buy anything you have an emotional investment in i.e don’t buy things you want. Because when you are staring down the salesperson who is asking $4 for a Hello Kitty print denim jacket – you need to be strong enough to walk away. But holy scranberry it was a nice jacket.

Must run,



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