The Cambodian equivalent of Cheezels. If you look up fire ants on Wikipedia it will tell you not to eat them, but then again, it will also tell you not to look them directly in the eye and that they make good household pets. Which is just ridiculous…Ants love eye contact. Fire ants are particularly tasty to the Cambodians. You can get a hold of them at the restaurant Romdeng which is also a training school and workplace for former street children and marginalized Cambodians as part of the Friends Alliance. You can find out more about it here: http://friends-international.org/shop/romdeng.asp?mm=sh&sm=rom

BE WARNED – Ants don’t look like ants when they are tossed in a salad. They look like everything but ants. They look like not-ants. Un-ants. The Antithesis. Be sure to look closely before you eat a meal at Romdeng as you could compromise a valuable Instagram moment or break a spiritual/ethical philosophy you hold in high regard which could lead to feelings of remorse, shame and a bitter (though delightfully tangy) aftertaste.

Fire ants are also regarded as the “gateway bug”. While not particularly addictive themselves, eating fire ants may lead to over-indulgence of other insects. What may seem harmless at first – a cricket here, a spider there – can soon turn into a debilitating, and potentially harmful addiction. One minute you are nibbling on a $20 tarantula at a respected restaurant, the next you are on your hands and knees trying to find that daddy long legs you chased under the fridge. Stay safe.


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