One of the things I enjoy most about Cambodia is the unfettered lawlessness under which it thrives. No matter where you go you will be met with an almost admirable nonchalance for your safety and well-being. Can I fit 9 people into this two person tuk-tuk? Sure. Can I shoot this AK-47 at something? Yeah, let me just find a chicken for you. Can I drive this suped-up lawn motor around a track with no barriers unsupervised after I finish this beer? Whatever, just watch out for the cows.

The go-karting track in Pnom Penh is the definition of apathy. Forget distant fathers and un-assisting shop assistants – you do not know indifference until you ask for a helmet and are handed a drinks menu. My advice: Carry the risk…and a change of underwear.

The karts at the track are not exactly what you would call road-worthy; You will be lucky to find one with fully-functioning brakes and a decent turning circle – but who really needs power steering when there aren’t any barriers up to stop you cutting corners?…seriously though, watch out for the cows.

These motorized school chairs can reach speeds of up to 60km/h along the straight, and if you time it right, you might even get a little air time on the last bend. The track itself is around 900m long with 11 corners. There is a viewing deck for spectators or drivers who need a pick-me-up between races. 10 laps around the track will set you back $12 but the memories (or scars) you will make are priceless. Don’t be disconcerted by the sounds of gun fire as you zoom around as the track is located next door to the public shooting range – also worth a visit if you’ve ever wondered what its like to throw a grenade into a plunge pool.

Wicked fun.

must run,



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