Don’t think about it too much. Weasel coffee is made from the beans collected out of the feces of coffee-eating rodents. Story is, the weasels have a particularly sensitive nose and are able to find (and eat) the best coffee beans in a crop. Fortunately the weasels only digest the fleshy pulp that surrounds the bean. This means that farmers who are up for some good ol’ fashion turd-sifting can hand select the highest-quality beans for roasting after the Weasels have finished busting a grumpy.

I’ll admit, it’s not everybody’s cup of poo – but it does go down nicely over condensed milk with some donuts off the street. Unfortunately there isn’t really a Sydney alternative to this one…though if you get on the bad side of a waitress at the Coogee Bay Hotel and you might get served something close to the real deal. Too soon?


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